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Derouging and repassivieren


Formation of rouge

Auxiliary and secondary equipments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries such as tube systems for clean water (AP, PW, HPW, WFI, etc.), production destillers, storage tanks, clean steam systems, clean steam generators, autoclaves, lyophilisators usually consist of austenitic stainless steel (e.g. 1.4404, 1,4435, 316L, etc.)

After operation times of 6 - 12 months the internal surfaces of these systems often show reddish brown, rust coloured surface contaminations which can usually be verified when wiping with a white cloth. It normally concerns heavy metal particles which result from a change of the stainless steel surface the so called rouging.

Connected production systems such as fermenters, batching tanks, mixing vessels and tube systems are then contaminated in undesired form by displacement of the rouge particles. Even by regular CIP-cleaning of these systems the heavy metal particles cannot be removed.


Pump wheel with rouge contamination

Pump wheel aber derouging treatment



Professional removal of rouge – derouging – is possible with specific cleaning measures. Such operations should be planned for the long-term. With optimized cleaning processes in connection with active rouge monitoring conditions can be achieved that correspond to factual rouge prevention.

On-site operations are carried out by our service teams which are specialized for working in GMP-relevant areas. Latest equipment technique and safety engineering is being applied. The cleaning chemicals have especially been developed for operations in sensitive pharmaceutical productions. All works are fully documented and accruing waste water is conditioned ecologically and professionally with certificate.


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