Chemical polishing and deburring

How is it done?

Chemical polishing and deburring is done currentless. Through the chemical removal the component is deburred and abraded all over also in areas which are not easily accessible and initial cracks are removed.

Compared to electrochemical procedures no extra time and effort is needed for electric contacting and construction of cathodes.

The components are mounted on racks individually or losely collected in baskets and drums and then immersed into the polishing bath respectively the chemical solution is pumped through tubes and cannulas.

The removal is controlled through the residence time and bath temperature and assures the accuracy on edges and surfaces within very narrow tolerances.

Preferred application area

  • Deburring of edges and surfaces
  • Creation of neutral fibre/grain surfaces
  • Generation of burr- and swarf-free oil channels


Hydraulic components, valve blocks, gas cylinders, etc.


Low alloy steel (C-steel)

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  • Chemical polishing and deburring
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