About us

Individual solutions for the highest quality

For over four decades, we have been working on high-quality processes for the chemical and electrochemical surface treatment of metals.

Specialising in surface technology, we use our innovative and industrially proven processes in a wide range of industries.

The spectrum ranges from the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology, chemicals, paper and pulp production to the food and beverage industry, as well as architecture and construction.

In addition to technically optimal processing options at our locations, on-site work is a particular advantage of our attractive range of services.

Our locations introduce themselves.


Neustadt-Glewe plant

HENKEL Beiz- und Elektropoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director Sven Wentzien

  • Production area approx. 3,500 square metres
  • ≈ 80 employees
  • Specialised in electropolishing of tubes and fittings
  • Electropolishing of pharmaceutical vessels
  • Special equipment for the electropolishing of coiled tubes and special components
  • Equipment for the wet-chemical cleaning of components
  • Application laboratory
  • Clean rooms (classes 8,7,5 and 4 DIN EN ISO 14644-1)
  • On-site service base

Waidhofen an der Thaya plant

HENKEL Beiz- und Elektropoliertechnik Betriebs GmbH

Managing Director August Böhm


  • Production area approx. 6,500 square metres
  • 70 employees
  • Specialised in pickling and electropolishing of very large components and tanks
  • Equipment for bath and spray pickling (up to 80,000 litres)
  • Equipment for electropolishing (up to 60,000 litres)
  • Special equipment for electropolishing aluminium and colouring stainless steel
  • Application laboratory for research and development
  • Clean rooms (classes 8,7,5 and 4 DIN EN ISO 14644-1)
  • On-site service base

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Györ plant

HENKEL Kémiai és Elektrokémiai Felüetkezelö Kft.

Managing Director Laszlo Babos


  • Production area approx. 1,500 square metres
  • 27 employees
  • Equipment for bath and spray pickling (up to 80,000 litres)
  • Automatic machine for electropolishing serial parts
  • Barrel electropolishing unit for deburring small parts
  • Specialised in the automotive industry
  • Equipment for glass-bead blasting of stainless steel


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