Mission Statement

Our commitment

We present ourselves through commitment, innovative willingness, competence, a sense of responsibility and the high quality of the services and products we offer. Our employees – whether Sales, Quality Assurance, Production Administration, Plant Management, etc. – are personally available, we support 24-hour delivery of goods and goods collection, field sales throughout Europe, we deliver individual solutions for customer requests, perform work on site and attend trade fairs, seminars and lectures and support them with contributions.

Our competence

  • Continuous internal and external training
  • Regular publication of specialist contributions in national and international journals
  • Member of various trade associations
  • Reliable
  • Fair
  • Personal

Our responsibility

  • Regular training of our employees
  • Workers from the region
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system and to the avoidance of environmental pollution
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental regulations.
  • Supporting our employees in reconciling work and family life
  • Support programmes for regional schools and social institutions
  • Active communication with the regional population, associations and authorities