Process Chemistry

All pickling chemicals and detergents used and supplied by us are subject to careful laboratory tests and are constantly tested in our factories.

Take advantage of the experience we have gathered in many applications.

Our range of products and services includes chemicals for
various chemical and electrochemical processes for the treatment of metal surfaces.

For cleaning (e.g. degreasing)

of steel, high-alloy steel, copper and copper alloys, Ni and Ni base alloys, Ti and Ti alloys, Ta, Mo, niobium and niobium alloys, zirconium

  • Alkaline cleaner HC 500

of high-alloyed steel alloys, copper and copper alloys, aluminium and Al alloys, Ni and Ni alloys, Ti and Ti alloys

  • Acidic cleaner HC 900

For decontamination (e.g. derouging)

of high-alloyed steel alloys, Ni and Ni alloys

  • Derouging solution HC 1106

of high-alloyed steel alloys, Ni and Ni alloys

  • Bioderouging solution HC 4200

For pickling treatment

of high-alloy steel alloys, copper and copper alloys, Ni and Ni alloys, Ti and titanium alloys, niobium and niobium alloys

  • Bath pickling solution HC 700
  • Pickling paste HC 801
  • Cleaner HC 610
  • Pickling cleaner HC 950F
  • Pickling paste, white, HC 1000
  • Bath pickling solution HC 1010
  • Pickling-degreasing agent HC 1300
  • Pickling-degreasing agent HC 6600

of copper and copper alloys

  • Aqueous pickling degreaser for non-ferrous metals HC 2000

For removal/smoothing (e.g. deburring)

of unalloyed steel

  • Steel polish AF HC 1200
  • Steel polish BH HC 1250

For the construction of protective and passive layers

of high-alloyed steel alloys

  • Passivation solution HC 1100
  • Biopassivation solution HC 4000

For electrochemical processes (using an external DC source)

on high-alloyed austenitic stainless steel alloys, Ni and Ni alloys, duplex alloys

  • Electrolytic polish HE 100
  • Electrolytic polish HE 111
  • Electrolytic polish HE 150
  • Electrolytic polish HE 175
  • Anodic bath pickling solution HE 600

on aluminium and aluminium alloys, cobalt-nickel-iron alloys, nickel-iron alloys, molybdenum, low-alloy steel alloys

  • Electrolytic polish HE 310

on copper and copper alloys (bronze, brass, nickel silver)

  • Electrolytic polish HE 500
  • Electrolytic polish HE 550

on niobium and niobium alloys

  • Electrolytic polish HE 1500

on titanium and titanium alloys, tantalum

  • Ti electrolyte HE 2000

For testing the passive layer quality on stainless steel surfaces – HENKEL Ferroxyltest HC 7000


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