Chemical polishing and deburring

How is chemical polishing and deburring done?

Chemical polishing and deburring is carried out without current. Through the chemical removal, the workpiece is deburred and smoothed on all sides, even at places which are difficult to access, and crack grains are removed.

In contrast to electrochemical methods, the effort for the electrical contacting and the construction of cathodes is eliminated.

The parts to be processed are dipped either individually on racks or loosely in baskets or drums into the bath or the chemical solution is pumped through the tubes or cannulae to be treated.

The removal is controlled via the exposure time and the bath temperature and ensures the dimensional accuracy of edges and surfaces within very close tolerances.

Preferred areas of application

  • Edge and surface deburring
  • Creation of fibre-neutral surfaces
  • Creation of burr-free and spangle-free oil ducts.


Hydraulic components, valve control blocks, gas bottles, etc.


Low-alloy steel (C-steel).

Our services

  • Chemical polishing and deburring
  • Chemicals and electrolytes.


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