Why clean room treatment?

Stainless steel components and tubes used sensitive pharmaceutical areas and in high purity gas systems require extreme clean surface conditions.

The fully automatic monitoring of pressure level, temperature, moisture and particle assures highest production quality.

Our clean rooms

Our modern clean rooms comprise the clean room classes 8, 7, 5 and 4 (EN ISO 14644-1) resp. 100.000, 10.000, 100 and 10 (US-Fed. Stand-ard 209 D) with complete monitoring system for the permanent control of the clean room condition.

Our services

  • Final cleaning of components under controlled clean room conditions with selected media
    Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Test procedures in clean rooms
    • surface roughness measurement
    • visual tests / inspection
    • measurement of residual moisture
    • measurement of particles in a gas flow
  • All procedure steps are specified and recorded
  • We also carry out customers treatment specifications