HENKEL now on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still keeping us all in charge. Everyday business life will continue to be determined by this. With our successful hygiene concept in our plants in combination with mobile working and video conferencing, we are very well positioned for this, but we are increasingly missing personal, low-threshold contact with our customers and partners. In order to counteract this, we have decided to join the Web 2.0. We have been on Instagram for a long time, but here with the focus on recruiting and trainees.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for us to get in touch with customers and partners. In the future we will give here regular insights into our daily work. In addition to informative articles on the topics of surface treatment, corrosion, materials, etc., there are also plans to include video clips for example as explanatory videos, interviews or short clips of component processing. As part of a “surface group”, we would also like to encourage a joint exchange of experience and knowledge. Take the opportunity to get to know the HENKEL Group and its employees a little more personally.

We hope to see you soon on our profile and invite you to follow us.